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Ranging from simple motion graphics to long-form broadcast TV shows, we are able to animate your world. Outsource your animation to us, we can follow an existing style guide, or create a look and feel that push the boundaries of brilliant.

2D Character Animation: $1200-1800 per minute

Youniverse was our first Canadian animated co-production. Completed over two weeks entirely remotely between South Africa and Canada, we were given creative freedom to translate the voice-over we were supplied into an animated episode for the first season of the series. This was a fantastic project, working with a producer with vision and focus. We look forward to co-producing on the second season.

Animated TV Commercials

Partnered with a strong marketing background, we can communicate impactful messages in the short-form TVC format. We will manage the process from concept, channel research, casting, scripting, music direction, voice direction and packaging for multi-platforms all within your original budget.

Pop us an email with you needs for a quote.

Introduction Animation including logo: from $850

Why not create an animation which introduced clients to your product, service or company. A two-minute welcome animation can be used before sales pitches, at tradeshow stands, before presentations and online. This includes your logo animation, as well as a scripted and animated motion graphic that introduced your customer to what it is you do or the unique selling points of your product.

Logo Animation: $420

Live presentations, trade shows and online marketing are excellent way to bolster sales, while these are also very brand-noisy environments where getting your brand across can be highly competitive. Adopting a multi-media approach can set you apart from the pack, we offer logo animation that brings your logo to life with eye-catching motion graphics that entice click-through’s, engagement, and increase credibility.

Kinetic Text 2D: $750-1000 per minute

Kinetic text continues to dominate our animation studio. It is a powerful means of getting your message across, pulling the viewer into the subject matter with motion infographics. The entertainment factor as well as the mix of graphic representations of facts and figures against a backdrop of a good soundtrack remain a popular way of starting a presentation.